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This map shows the position of domesday locations for the county of Rutland. centered on Barrowden in Rutland.
Map Logic
This map shows the relative population size and damage of villages after the Norman Conquest in 1066AD. The data is derived from the Open Domesday Book(links provided at the bottom of the page). The black lines show known Roman Roads, the Red ones ancient trackways(Ivan D Margary), with the purple ones showing implied Roman roads provided by place names.
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Population of Rutland at Domesday in AD1086


This map shows the population size and distribution of villages in Rutland after the Norman Conquest in 1086AD.

The plotted data is an extract from the Open Domesday Book.
Many thanks to the works of Professor John Palmer, George Slater and without whose contribution this site could not have been created.

Total Population(ex slaves) of the 15 Domesday Villages in 1086AD shown is 1029
This would equate to a Fyrd(national service) of approximately 61 soldiers.

Please Note that the estimate for the Fyrd is based on 6% of the
population(excluding Priests and Slaves) being eligible for military duties.

Summary of Domesday information for this map

Population Overview
Villagers 853 
Smallholders 153
Freemen 16 Potential Fyrd
Priests 7

Occupation Overview
Churches 11
Mills 11
Salthouses 2
Ploughs 324

Land Overview
Plough Land 224 acres
Meadows 677 acres
Woodlands 248 acres

Animals Overview
No Animal details recorded in Domesday

Value(geld) 232245

Rapes/Hundreds population and villages
Population excludes slaves
Rape Hundred Villages Population
Kesteven Alstoe North 1 30
Totals 1 30
Rutland Alstoe North 6 311
Alstoe South 6 284
Martinsley 2 404
Totals 14 999
Totals All 15 1029

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