Anglo Saxon History
Map Position

This map shows the position of locations containing '' centered on Telham in Sussex.

Map Logic

This map shows the area around Battle and Hastings in 1066.

Roman roads are shown as black lines, red lines show old Roman Ridge trackways and purple lines show theoretical Roman roads implied by village and road names.

The thickness of the road implies the width of the Roman metalled surface.

The sea level is shown raised by 5 metres to accomodate the high tide level changes since 1066 see our Sea Level page.

The green shaded area shows what we believe is the area of the impassible Forest of Andredsweald.


Phase 11 - William is alerted to Harold

William is alerted to Harolds return.


Phase 11 - William is alerted to Harold
William is alerted to Harolds return.
This page shows the documentary evidence from translated original documents

Anglo Saxon Chronicles

No reference to this subject in this document.

Battle Abbey Chronicles

No reference to this subject in this document.


No reference to this subject in this document.

Carmen de Triumpho Normannico

A sage monk of eloquent speech was chosen
Who could be trusted to cautiously scout the camp of the duke
He sped on his way on a swift horse
Whatever the vain monk brought him, the duke held immaterial
Insofar as he urges retreat, it is raving madness entirely
Indeed the season forbids it, and the way is not easy
The monk hastened back

Florence of Worcester

No reference to this subject in this document.

Henry of Huntingdon

No reference to this subject in this document.

Master Wace

Then he sent for Huon Margot , a tonsured monk of Fescam ; and as he was a learned man,well known, and much valued, the duke despatched him to Harold. And Margot set out on his way, and finding Harold at London, spoke to him thus : 'Harold ! hearken to me! I am a messenger, hear ye from whom ! The duke tells thee, by my mouth, that thou hast too soon forgotten the oath, which thou didst but lately take to him in Normandy, and that thou hast forsworn thyself. Repair the wrong, and restore him the crown and lordship, which are not thine by ancestry ; for thou art neither king by heritage, nor through any man of thy lineage. King Edward of his free will and power, gave his land and realm to his best kinsman William. He gave this gift as he had a right to do, to the best man he had. He gave it in full health before his death, and if he did wrong, thou didst not forbid it; nay, thou didst assent, and warrant and swear to maintain it. Deliver him his land ; do justice, lest greater damage befall thee. No such hosts can assemble as thou and he must combat with, without great cost and heavy loss ; and thus there will be mischief to both sides. Restore the kingdom that thou hast seized ! woe betide thee if thou shalt endeavour to hold it!' Harold was exceedingly proud, and it is said that he had sometimes fits of madness. He was enraged at the words with which Margot had menaced him; and it is thought he would have ill used him, had not Gurth his brother sprung forth and stood between them, and sent Huon Margot away ; and he went forth without taking leave, not choosing to stay longer, and neither said nor did any thing more concerning the matter he came about, but returned to duke William, and told him how Harold had insulted him.

William of Jumièges/Orderic Vitalis(Gesta)

No reference to this subject in this document.

William of Malmesbury

No reference to this subject in this document.

Quedam Exceptiones de Historia Normannorum et Anglorum

No reference to this subject in this document.

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