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This map shows the position of locations showing 'Roman Actual named locations ' containing 'Bremenio, Cataractoni, Corstopitum, Delgovicia, Derventione, Eburacum, Isurium, Praetorio, Vindomora, Vinovia' centered on Binchester in Durham.
Map Logic
This map shows the Antonine Route I
[From the frontier(Antonine Wall) to Praetorio(Bridlington) one-hundred and fifty-six thousand paces]

Major Roman locations are shown as icons, please click for the Roman and Modern name.
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Roman City
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Roman Watch Tower

Antonine Route number I
From the frontier(Antonine Wall) to Praetorio(Bridlington)


The Antonine Itinerary (Latin: Itinerarium Antonini Augusti, translates to 'The Itinerary of the Emperor Antoninus') is one of the first route guides, a record of the forts/towns and distances between them along various roman highways.

Published by Antoninus Pius(Titus Fulvus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius) who was emperor from 138AD to 161AD, the son of Hadrian who was Emperor from 117AD-138AD.

This was probably a military guide for Generals so they could plan their routes, and estimate times to reach remote locations in case of uprisings etc, and also for the Emperors to estimate where Generals were at any moment in time.

These guides were possibly derived from a survey carried out under Emperor Octavian(14AD - 37AD) who was later known as Augustus they describe the main roads of the Roman Empire.

The sections we are interested in are those from Iter Britanniarum(Britain).

These Guides are recorded as numerical routes.
  •     I From the frontier(Antonine Wall) to Praesidio(Bridlington)
  •    II From the Wall(Antonine) to the port of Rutupiae(Richborough)
  •   III From Londinium(London) to the port of Dubris(Dover)
  •    IV From Londinium(London) to the port of Lemanis(Port Lympne)
  •     V From Londinium(London) to Luguvalium(Carlisle) on the Wall
  •    VI From Londinium(London) to Lindum(Lincoln)
  •   VII From Regnorum(Chichester) to Londinium(London)
  •  VIII From Eburacum(York) to Londinium(London)
  •   IX From Venta Inecorum(Caistor St Edmunds) to Londinium(London)
  •     X From Clannoventa(Ravenglass) to Mediolanum(Whitchurch)
  •    XI From Segontium(Caernarfon) to Deva(Chester)
  •   XII From Moridunum(Carmarthen) to Viroconium(Wroxeter)
  •  XIII From Isca Silurum(Caerleon) to Calleva Atrebatum(Silchester)
  •  XIV From Isca Silurum(Caerleon) to Calleva Atrebatum(Silchester)
  •   XIV From Calleva(Silchester) to Isca Dumnoniorum()

The first of these shows a route from
Bremenio(High Rochester in Durham) to Praetorio(Bridlington - Yorkshire)

  • Bremenio (High Rochester - Northumberland) - a Roman fort
  • Corstopitum (Corbridge - Northumberland)
  • Vindomora (Ebchester - Durham)
  • Vinovia (Binchester - Durham)
  • Cataractoni (Catterick - North Yorkshire)
  • Isurium (Aldborough - North Yorkshire)
  • Eburacum (York - Yorkshire)
  • Derventione (Stamford Bridge - Yorkshire)
  • Delgovicia (Wetwang - Yorkshire)
  • Praetorio (Bridlington - Yorkshire)

Locations Shown on map
Original Name Type CountyCurrent Name
Roman Watch Tower
Bremenio Roman Watch Tower Northumberland Modern name is High Rochester
Roman Watch Tower
Cataractoni Roman Watch Tower North Yorkshire Modern name is Catterick
Roman Major Fort
Corstopitum Roman Major Fort Northumberland Modern name is Corbridge
Roman Watch Tower
Delgovicia Roman Watch Tower Yorkshire Modern name is Wetwang
Roman Watch Tower
Derventione Roman Watch Tower Yorkshire Modern name is Stamford Bridge
Roman Major Fort
Eburacum Roman Major Fort York Modern name is York
Roman City
Isurium Roman City North Yorkshire Modern name is Aldborough
Roman City
Praetorio Roman City Yorkshire Modern name is Bridlington
Roman Watch Tower
Vindomora Roman Watch Tower Durham Modern name is Ebchester
Roman Watch Tower
Vinovia Roman Watch Tower Durham Modern name is Binchester

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