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Documents relating to Landscapes in our area
The pages below show links to all documents that reference to Landscapes in this area
   Document Description    
  The decline of the Roman Ironworkings in the weald    
  Alfred the Great and the Burghal Hideage AD914   
  Battle of Hastings 1066AD ‑ Evidence for the Malfosse   
  Battle of Hastings 1066AD ‑ Senlac Hill where is it? and what does Senlac mean?   
  Battle of Hastings 1066AD ‑ The Hoar Apple tree   
  Decyphering the location of Alfred the Great's fort in Hastings   
  High Tide changes in the last 2000 years   
  Landscape Archaeology   
  The 1287AD Storm and its effect on the Kent and Sussex Coast   
  The Cinque Ports and Southern England   
  The Great Forest of Andredsweald ‑ Anglo Saxon Chronicles   
  The History of the Romney Marsh in maps (Pre‑Roman to Modern times)   
  Town Creep ‑ a Roman settlement ??   
  Types of Roman Fortification   
  Was the high tide in Saxon times 5 metres higher ? ‑ Pevensey   
  Was the high tide in Saxon times 5 metres higher ? ‑ the Wash   
  Why the Hastings Area was important to Duke William   

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