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Village/Town Names(Viking derivation)

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This page shows segments of place names that can be related to Viking locations.
Segment Derivation Translation
booth   buð   shelter
ending in by|by   buð   shelter
dal   dalr   valley
gar   garðr   enclosure
garth   garðr   enclosure
ghyll   gil   a ravine or valley
gill   gil   a ravine or valley
holm   holmr   small island
howe   haugr   grave-mound - burial place
keld   keldr   spring
kes   cyse   cheese
kirk   kirkja   church
mickle   mikil   big
skip   scæp   sheep
sower   saurr   mud, dirt or tainted ground
ster   bustaðr   dwelling place
tarn   tjorn   a small mountain lake without tributaries
thwait   þvait   cleared area
toft   toft   homestead

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