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Village/Town Names(Norman derivation)

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This page shows segments of place names that can be related to Norman locations.
Segment Derivation Translation
's   owns   owns
abbey   abbey   place where monks live
abbot   abbot   chief cleric
abbots   abbot   chief cleric
barnard   bernarde   Frech noble called bernarde
battle   la bataille   the place of a battle
battles   la bataille   the place of a battle
bay   baie   a bay
beau   beau   good
bois   de bosco   norman nobleman
boys   boie   servant, commoner, knave, boy
brick   briche   a brick
camber   cambre   room or chamber usually describing a harbour or bay
ending in castle   castle   Words ending in castle are usually Norman Castles
cause   cauce   from latin via calciata(paved way)
center   centre   center
chain   chaine   a chain
close   clos   confined, but usually used in modern time to describe an enclose block of houses
common   common   common land
coney   cuninculus   rabbit
corner   corne   a corner, projecting point, horn
court   cort   king's court, princely residence - Old French cort (11c., Modern French cour)
crag   krag   rocky cliff
cripps   krip   Abbot of Robertsbridge Abbey 1332
de la   de la   of the
dean   daen   a valley
fm   ferme   originally a rent or lease, from 17th century the current meaning of farm
folly   folie   folly, madness or stupidity usually applied to a building
forest   forest   an area for royal hunting
gap   gap   an opening in a wall or hedge; a break, a breach related to gapa 'to gape'
glebe   glebe   cultivated land also a piece of land forming part of a clergyman's benefice
grainge   graunge   group of farms, small village, or a granary, barn
grange   graunge   group of farms, small village, or a granary, barn
gravel   gravele   sand, gravel, sea-shore or sandy bed of a river
gros   gros   big, thick, large or tall
heron   hairon   a heron long necked wading bird
hither   hideran   here
Keynes   Guillaume de Cahaignes   One of The Norman Knights from 1066AD
knight   cniht   military follower of a king or other superior
lawn   lande   heath, moor, barren land; clearing
leonards   leonard   Saint Leonard of Limoges
lodge   logier   to lodge or stay
lord   laverd   master of a household, ruler, feudal lord, superior; husband
malfosse   mal fosse   evil ditch
manor   maner   maner, Old French manoir - abode, home, dwelling place.
market   market   a title of a location created during the 1300's when Edward I created market towns
monceux   monceau   a norman family name
monk   monk   a cleric
monks   monk   a cleric
mont   mont   mountain or hill
neville   neville   a norman family name
petty   petite   small
place   place   courtyard, open space; broad way, avenue originally from latin platea
plantation   plantation   a plantation
plantn   plantation   a plantation
plat   platte   thin piece of land
platt   platte   thin piece of land
platts   platte   thin piece of land
river   riviere   a river
saffron   safran   saffron from crocus
shrimp   skrimp   slender, edible marine crustacean
square   esquire   square
sunny   sunny   sunny
upper   upper   higher than
valence   valence   a norman knight Henry III's half-brother
village   vilage   houses and other buildings in a group
ward   weard   used for administrative districts from 1300's
warren   varenne   game park, hunting reserve

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