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Village/Town Names(Modern derivation)

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This page shows segments of place names that can be related to Modern locations.
Segment Derivation Translation
and   and   and
badger   bageard   a badger (AD1500's)
bilbo   bilbao   a type of rapier (AD1500's)
boring   boring   place where cannons were bored
by   by   near
cade   cade   From Jack Cade the peasant leader - originally cattes meaning mint / cat mint
city   city   a city
clough   cloh   a gorge or ravine(AD1200's)
dicker   dicker   to trade
drive   drive   originally from the Saxon drifan but used in modern times to mean road
garden   garden   garden
granary   granary   store for grain
on   on   near
on sea   sea   usually means near the sea
or   or   one or the other
peace   peace   peaceful
punnetts   pannetts   named after founder of the village
ending in regis   regis   suffix from 1929 after visit by King George V - latin for 'of the king'
reservoir   reservoir   a reservoir(AD1700's)
sea front   sæ front   sea front - saxon sea and norman front
seafront   sæ front   saxon sea and norman front
spa   spa   after spa in belgium famous for chalybeate(iron rich) water
town   tun   an enclosed piece of ground, a yard, court
upon   on   near
zoar   zoar   biblical town

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