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This map shows the position of locations containing '' centered on 49.80183,1.05469 in .

Map Logic

This map shows the area around Battle and Hastings in 1066.

Roman roads are shown as black lines, red lines show old Roman Ridge trackways and purple lines show theoretical Roman roads implied by village and road names.

The thickness of the road implies the width of the Roman metalled surface.

The sea level is shown raised by 5 metres to accomodate the high tide level changes since 1066, if you zoom into the map over Battle then you will see that the only routes out of the Hastings Peninsular are through Battle and Netherfield.


Battle of Hastings - Reference - Quedam Exceptiones de Historia Normannorum et Anglorum

This page shows phases of the Battle of Hastings from the Planning to the Conquest by referencing individual documentary evidence .


This page shows the documentary evidence for each of the Phases of the events in AD1066 that changed Britain permanently, known as 'The Battle of Hastings'.

The phases are shown to the left and the documentation across the top of the table, a tick shows that documentary information is available and a cross that it's not available.

To view the documentary details please either click on the Phase list or the documentary references lists.

Documentary References Key:-
ASC = Anglo Saxon Chronicles
BA = Battle Abbey Chronicles
BT = Bayeux_Tapestry
CAR = Carmen de Triumpho Normannico
FW = Florence of Worcester
HH = Henry of Huntingdon
MW = Master Wace
OV = William of Jumièges/Orderic Vitalis(Gesta)
WM = William of Malmesbury
QE = Quedam Exceptiones de Historia Normannorum et Anglorum

= Documentary details found
= No documentary details found
= Awaiting processing

Phase 1 - Background History
Phase 2 - Leading up to the crossing of the English Channel by the Normans.
Phase 3 - Crossing the English Channel
Phase 4 - The Landing and its location
Phase 5 - The Feast after landing
Phase 6 - Building the Forts
Phase 7 - Raiding the area
Phase 8 - Warning to Harold
Phase 9 - Battle of Stamford Bridge
Phase 10 - Harold returns
Phase 11 - William is alerted to Harold
Phase 12 - Exchange of Messages
Phase 13 - Norman and Saxon defenses
Phase 14 - Saxon Reconoitre
Phase 15 - Preparations for the Battle
Phase 16 - Evening before the Battle
Phase 17 - The Battle of Hastings
Phase 18 - Harold is killed
Phase 19 - English Rout
Phase 20 - After the Battle
Evidence for the Malfosse

External References in no particular order :-
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