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Toponymy is the study of place names (toponyms), their origins, meanings, use, and typology.

Toponym is the general name for any place or geographical entity. Related, more specific types of toponym include hydronym for a body of water and oronym for a mountain or hill.
A toponymist is one who studies toponymy, see the article on Wikipedia

The majority of Saxon words are taken from 'A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language by Rev J Bosworth(1838)' available from Google Books and now online at (a massive achievement).

We are going to try to translate the current village/town name that you enter into a description of the location using my database of common historic name snippets.
If this fails for you please check the Open Domesday book to see if your location name has changed since 1086.

From our research it would seem that the saxon village names describe the location and are rarely family name derived. If you would like to use our translations on your website please click here for instructions.


In the Anglo Saxon language there are a number of runic characters used in texts and in our translations these are:-
  Eth Ð(upper Case) ð(lower case) Pronounced th as in then
  Thorn Þ(upper case) þ(lower case) Pronounced th as in thin
  Ash Æ(upper case) æ(lower case) Pronounced ea as in clean
  Wynn Ƿ(upper case) ƿ(lower case) Pronounced as w
  Yogh Ȝ(upper case) ȝ(lower case) Pronounced gh as in night

To see the place name snippets please click on the [Place names] tab and choose any one of the snippet selections.

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