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Map Position
This map shows the position of locations centered on Bertreville-Saint-Ouen in Seine-Maritime.
Map Logic
This map shows the area around Battle and Hastings in 1066.

Roman roads are shown as black lines, red lines show old Roman Ridge trackways and purple lines show theoretical Roman roads implied by village and road names.

The thickness of the road implies the width of the Roman metalled surface.

The sea is shown raised by 5 metres to accomodate the high tide level changes since 1066 see our Sea Level page.

The green shaded area shows what we believe is the area of the impassible Forest of Andredsweald.

Battle of Hastings AD1066 - Phase 2 - Before the Channel crossing.

Preparations leading up to the crossing of the English Channel by the Normans.


Battle of Hastings AD1066 - Phase 2 - Before the Channel crossing.
Preparations leading up to the crossing of the English Channel by the Normans.
This page shows the documentary evidence from translated original documents

Anglo Saxon Chronicles

No reference to this subject in this document.

Battle Abbey Chronicles

In the mean time his kinsman, King Edward, died, and left the kingdom of England to Duke William, whom he con-stituted his legal heir. But this was seized upon by a certain perjured slave called Harold, and the duke having received information of it, relying upon the advice and assistance of his friends, devoted all his energies, either by force or stratagem, to recover his rights.


William decides to invade.
Hic Willelm dux ivssit naves edificare
  (Duke William ordered the ships to be made)

Trees are chopped down, ships are made and dragged into the sea.
Hic trahunt naves ad mare
  (Here they are pulling the ships into the sea)

Weapons armour, food and drink are taken to the ships.
Isti portant armas ad naves et hic trahunt carrum cum vino et armis
  (They carry arms to the ships and are pulling a wagon with wine)

Carmen de Triumpho Normannico

But for a long time your leading fleet across the Channel is barred by storms and constant rain
From antiquity the port of Vimeu has been renown
Above is the fortress of St Valery
For fifteen days you occupied these regions
It remains wet
And the sky is covered with cloud and rain
And the sun shone forth brighter than usual
When Michaelmas was celebrated around the world
While sailors take up their oars and knights their arms
Surely ten times ten times ten and 5 thousand more men

Florence of Worcester

No reference to this subject in this document.

Henry of Huntingdon

No reference to this subject in this document.

Master Wace

I shall never put in writing, and would not undertake to set down, what barons, and how many knights, how many vavassors, and how many soldiers the duke had in his company, when he had collected all his navy ; but I heard my father say I remember it well, although I was but a lad that there were seven hundred ships, less four, when they sailed from St. Valeri ; and that there were besides these ships, boats and skiffs for the purpose of carrying the arms and harness. I have found it written (but I know not whether it be true) that there were in all three thousand vessels bearing sails and masts. Any one will know that there must have been a great many men to have furnished out so many vessels.

William of Jumièges/Orderic Vitalis(Gesta)

While it lay there innumerable vows and prayers were offered for the safety of themselves and their friends, and floods of tears were shed. For the intimate friends and relations of those who were to remain at home, witnessing the embarkation of fifty thousand knights and men-at-arms, with a large body of infantry, who had to brave the dangers of the sea, and to attack an unknown people on their own soil, were moved to tears and sighs, and full of anxiety both for themselves and their countrymen, their minds fluctuating between fear and hope. Duke William and the whole army committed themselves to God's protection, with prayers, and offerings, and vows, and accompanied a procession from the church, carrying the relics of St. Valeri, confessor of Christ, to obtain a favourable wind.

William of Malmesbury

No reference to this subject in this document.

Quedam Exceptiones de Historia Normannorum et Anglorum

No reference to this subject in this document.

Phases of the Battle of Hastings 1066AD

No reference to this subject in this document.

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