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On this site we intend to provide all information relating the Saxon invasion in the 5th century, this will also by default include a significant Roman contribution.

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Land Changes effecting Anglo Saxon settlements   Influences on Anglo Saxon settlements
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The First Roman Invasion of Britain  55BC ‑ 54BC The First Roman Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar
The Second Roman Invasion of Britain in AD43  43AD ‑ 43AD The Second Roman Invasion of Britain by Emperor Claudius in AD43
Ptolemy ‑ Geographia  127AD ‑ 168AD Ptolemy Geographia one of the first maps of Europe and Asia
Village/Town Names(Jutish derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Jutish derivations
Village/Town Names(Modern derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Modern derivations
Village/Town Names(Norman derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Norman derivations
Village/Town Names(Roman derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Roman derivations
Village/Town Names(Saxon derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Saxon derivations
Village/Town Names(Viking derivation)   Villages/Towns and their Viking derivations
English Place‑Name translator   Please input your town/village and we will try to describe the origin of its name
Phases of the Battle of Hastings 1066AD   A number of pages showing Documentary evidence of the Battle of Hastings 1066AD
Phases of the Battle of Hastings 1066AD   A number of pages describing the Battle of Hastings 1066AD
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Ivan D Margary routes.   Margary Routes
Ivan D Margary routes.   Margary Routes
Online village name translator service   How to use the SaxonHistory Online village name translator webservice

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