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    Changing Landscape and Language
    Sea Levels in AD400(Pevensey)
    Sea Levels in AD400(The Wash)
    Sea level changes last 2000 years
    Andredsweald and Anderida
    Where are the Roman Roads
    History of the Romney Marsh
    The Great Storm 1287AD
    List of Landscape Documents
    The Haestingas
    The Cinque Ports
    914AD Alfred the Great's fort in Hastings
    Battle Museum
    Battle History Society
    Villagenet Local Gazeteer
    World War 2 Tank database
    Simon the Piman(Raspberry Pi)
    First Invasion 55BC
    Second Invasion 43AD
    Roman roads in Britannia
    Ptolemy Geographica Tribes
 MAP-Margary Roman Roads  
    MAP-Roman Roads South East
    MAP-Roman Roads South West
    MAP-Roman Roads Wales
    MAP-Roman Roads South Midlands
    MAP-Roman Roads South Yorkshire
    MAP-Roman Locations Norfolk
    MAP-Roman Locations Essex
    MAP-Wealden Roads/Bloomeries
    Wealden Bloomeries 1st Century
    Wealden Bloomeries 2nd Century
    Wealden Bloomeries 3rd Century
    Wealden Bloomeries 4th Century
    MAP-Antonine Itinery I
    Roman Industry in the Brede Valley
    Decline in Roman Wealden Ironworking
    The Gallic Empire 260AD - 274AD
    Types of Roman Fortification
    List of Roman Documents
Saxon Chronicles
    449AD Hengest & Horsa arrive
    455AD Hengest & Horsa defeat Wurtgern
    457AD Hengest & Horsa take over Kent
    460AD Hæstinga Saxons arrive
    477AD Cymensora
    485AD Suth Saxons Mercredesburnan
    491AD Suth Saxons Pevensey
    914AD Burghal Hideage
    Locations - 449AD Ebbsfleet
    Locations - 455AD Agelesþrep
    Locations - 485AD Mearcredesburnan Stede
    Locations - 914AD Eorpeburnan
1066 Battle
    Documentary Evidence
    Phases of the Events
    Warriors, Weapons & Snippets
    The Time Team view of the Battle
    1066AD Landscape Details
    1066AD Sailing from Normandy
    1066AD Norman Landing
    1066AD Possible Fort
    1066AD to Pevensey and Hastings
    1066AD Manors Wasted
    1066AD Manors All
    1066AD Warning to Harold
    1066AD Harold to Hastings
    List of 1066AD Documents
    List of 1066AD Weapons
1086AD Domesday
    Boundary of Anderida
    Domesday Hursts
    Post Domesday Hursts
    Domesday Manors Wasted UK
    Norfolk Salt Production
    Salt Production near Hastings
    The Wash at 1086
    The Humber estuary at 1086
    Domesday County details B
    Domesday County details C
    Domesday County details D
    Domesday County details E
    Domesday County details G
    Domesday County details H
    Domesday County details K
    Domesday County details L
    Domesday County details M
    Domesday County details N
    Domesday County details O
    Domesday County details R
    Domesday County details S
    Domesday County details W
    Domesday County details Y
Place names
    Translate my Location
    Celtic name snippets
    Jutish name snippets
    Roman name snippets
    Saxon name snippets
    Viking name snippets
    Norman name snippets
    Modern name snippets
    Villages containing EY/EYE/SEA
    Villages containing HAM
    Villages containing TON
    Villages containing CASTLE
    Sussex Locations with ING
    Domesday Sussex with ING
    Kent Locations with ING
    Sussex Locations with HURST
    Loads of Village Translations

External References in no particular order :-
Anglo Saxon Chronicles
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Online Etymology dictionary
Open Domesday Book - The first free online copy of the Domesday Book
The Ermine Street Guard Roman re-enactment and research Society
The "Kent A" cadastre - page 5 - Peterson 2002
Archaeologia Cantiana Online
Romney Marsh Research Trust
Romney Marsh the Fifth Continent
VillageNet the reference guide to villages in Kent & Sussex
Global warming Flood Maps
The Anglo Saxon Chronicles
Google Maps - the core of the system
GeoPlaner - Useful site for plotting map data
Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars 55BC(Books 4 & 5)
Wikipedia - Caesar's invasions of Britain
Wikipedia - Portus Istus
The Geography of Claudius Ptolemy (Bill Thayers)
Runetree Beowulf
Bayeux Tapestry Online
The Secrets of the Norman Invasion
Chronicles of John of Worcester
Battle Historic Society
Binsted village website(Mearcredesburnan Steðe)
The Spears of Andred
Find British Archaelogical Sites
Wealden Iron Research Group
Topographic Map of the UK

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